Mandiant’s APT1 Domain/MD5 Intel and Security Onion for Splunk

Mandiant’s Intel Report APT1: Exposing One of China’s Cyber Espionage Units is loaded with indicators that organizations can use to identify whether they are or have been a victim of APT1. If you’re running the newest version of Security Onion, then you’ll definitely have data available to comb through for network, domain and md5 hash indicators. ELSA can help you with this process as can Security Onion for Splunk.

If you want a quick way to leverage the domain and md5 data in Security Onion for Splunk download the Digital Appendix and Indicators zip file (md5 hashes are provided by Mandiant) and extract the files. Make a copy of the files “Appendix D (Digital) – FQDNs.txt” and “Appendix E (Digital) – MD5s.txt” and rename them to apt1_fqdn.csv and apt1_md5.csv. Then you’ll need to edit the files so the first row contains the field header. For apt1_fqdn.csv add “domain” to the first row; for apt1_md5.csv add “md5” so they should look like this:

apt1_fqdn.csv example apt1_md5.csv example

Next, we need to upload the .csv files we edited so head to Security Onion for Splunk and click Manager > Lookups > Lookup Table files > New. The Destination app will be securityonion, then choose the files and specify the Destination filename to be the same as what we named the files (apt1_fqdn.csv and apt1_md5.csv).

Add lookup table

When you’ve uploaded both files you’ll need to change the permissions if you want other users to be able to run the queries by setting the permissions to Read for “This app only (securityonion).” Now head back to the Security Onion app, click the Search menu and run the following searches over all the Bro historical data you’ve got (dns.log and http.log specifically).

sourcetype=bro_dns [|inputlookup apt1_fqdn.csv | fields + domain] | fields dest_ip src_ip domain

sourcetype=bro_http [|inputlookup apt1_md5.csv | fields + md5] | fields dest_ip src_ip md5

If you get no matching events back, breathe a sigh of relief. If you do get results, start digging deeper!


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