Security Onion for Splunk 2.0 Released

On New Year’s Day I released Security Onion for Splunk 2.0 and Security Onion Server/Sensor Add On 0.7 to support the new release of Security Onion 12.04. The new release includes updated Overview, IR Search and SOstat dashboards, and introduces a new dashboard for Bro IDS logs I’ve dubbed Bro(wser).

The new release requires Sideview Utils (available freely from Splunkbase). I also recommend performing a clean install if you are upgrading Security Onion for Splunk from 1.1.7 to 2.0. There were some dashboard files configured in the /local path that should’ve been in /default and might not be overwritten properly when you upgrade. To uninstall the app run:

sudo /opt/splunk/bin/splunk remove app securityonion

then install the app from Splunkbase.

So what’s new? Besides all the awesomesauce that is Security Onion 12.04 itself, I hope you find the upgrades in the Splunk app suitably useful and worthy.

Overview – The pie charts at the top provide summaries of Sguil, Bro Notice and OSSEC events. You can drill down on them, but they’re mainly there to tell you everything is working.
2.0 OverviewThe tabs beneath the pie charts are where things get interesting and you’ll find a lot of data at your finger tips. The Sguil tab lets you view and drill down on Sguil events by Name:

2.0 Overview Sguil by Nameor Classification:

2.0 Overview Sguil by ClassificationSorry, no capME integration yet but it’s on the list!

The Connection Byte Counts tab let’s you see Bro connection bytes by service, IP, port, country, protocol or connection description and you can toggle by originator, responder or both. The idea with a lot of these tabs is to give you a little visibility into trending normal on your network.

2.0 Overview - ConnectionsHTTP Files provides a summary of all the filenames detected in Bro’s http logs by extension and let’s you drill down to view the filenames and further details.

2.0 Overview - HTTP FilesSSL:

2.0 Overview - SSLThe Software tab provides some more great visibility for trending your network and looking for the unexpected.

2.0 Overview - SoftwareTop Level Domains:

2.0 Overview - TLDAnomalous Domains tab borrows from Johannes Ullrich’s “A Poor Man’s DNS Anomaly Detection Script.” Every night at 1 a.m. a search will run exporting the top 9,999 domains Bro saw queried the previous day to a .csv file. The Anomalous Domains tab looks domains up against that .csv file and if there’s a match the domain is ignored. The only domains that should show up are domains that hadn’t been visited the previous day. For fun, you can also sort Anomalous Domain hits by originator/source IP if you want to keep an eye on more erratic and unpredictable hosts. When you first install the app you’ll get a .csv not found error when you view this tab until the first csv export runs.

The CIF tab performs external .csv lookups against CIF results similar to previous releases.

Bro(wser) is the newest addition and it is all Bro. With tabs for Notices, Connections, DNS, HTTP, SSL, SMTP, FTP, IRC, SSH and Software, you have comprehensive Bro visibility in a digestible structure from one dashboard.

2.0 - Bro(wser)Drill down on a selection and you’ll get 4 pie charts summarizing event data and a list of IPs involved.

2.0 - Bro(wser)Drilling down on the IP list will query all Bro log sources for uid’s matching the selected event(s) and you can drill again to see the raw events:

2.0 - Bro(wser)In the example above, you can see how the selected uid was a connection (bro_conn sourcetype) via ssh (bro_ssh) that also triggered a bro_notice alert (or two) followed by the raw Bro events.

The new IR Search you’ll find looks very similar to the Overview tabs and I’ve built a mini Bro(wser) summarizing all Bro activity for the searched IP..

2.0 - IR SearchDrilling on the Bro dest_ip list gets you the grouped uid results similar to Bro(wser):

2.0 - IR SearchFrom there you have access to the workflow menu. Following the Bro data, you get a breakdown of all activity detected for the specified IP during the time range designated, with the events grouped in buckets allowing you to adjust the the bucket size.

2.0 - IR SearchSOstat got a makeover as well, but I think I’ve passed my screenshot quota.

I mentioned the workflow menu briefly as there are several additions here. I’ve added VirusTotal MD5 and lookups, in addition to the IR Search workflow.

I’m sure there’s more I’ve left off but that’s the bulk of the changes for 2.0. It’s a work in progress and I’ll be continuing to tune and tweak as it gets more production use and as always, feedback is welcome!

Special thanks to all of the Security Onion team for their efforts!

Enjoy the release and have a secure and happy new year!


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