IDS Rule Reference for Splunk 1.0

I created a standalone version of IDS Rule Reference for Splunk for Snort/PulledPork users who are not running Security Onion. I’ve added a few dashboard views to provide a little more flexibility for searching or researching rule documents.

The initial IDS Rules view is what is included in the Security Onion for Splunk app. It can be used for researching rules and activity by filtering on enabled rules or by category, classtype or source file.

The first of the new additions is a more flexible search dashboard allowing for wildcard searches by rule name or sid. Simply enter keywords or some (or all) of a sid and you’re off and running.

Lastly, the IDS Rule Tome allows you to browse only the rules that have a matching rule reference document. Undocumented rules will not appear in these results.

Known issues: I’ve not sorted out how best to handle the small subset of rule documents that share a sid, so rule documents named genid-sid.txt will provide inconsistent results.

If you’re using IDS Rule Reference in Security Onion for Splunk and want the additional views, simply download this app and you’ll be good to go.

Setup is pretty simple if you’ve got Splunk rolling already.

Download the Snort Rule Documentation (opensource.gz) from then extract opensource.gz to the monitored path:

tar zxvf opensource.gz -C /opt/splunk/etc/apps/ids_ref/local/rules

Copy your Snort PulledPork *.rules files to the monitored path:

cp *.rules /opt/splunk/etc/apps/ids_ref/local/rules/

Restart Splunk.

Event Workflows:
You can modify the Event Workflows from Splunk Manager > Fields > Workflow actions. Edit the IDS Rule Reference “Apply only to the following fields” to apply the workflow link to your Snort sig_id field in Splunk). You’ll also want to edit the Search String variable field name ($sig_id$ is the default).

As always feedback and suggestions are welcome for improvements!

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