Querying CIF Data From Splunk

Collective Intelligence Framework (CIF) is a feed parser that brings a vast wealth of collective threat intel to your fingertips. (Update: Kyle Maxwell has posted a great introduction to CIF at http://overhack.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/introduction-to-the-collective-intelligence-framework/.)  There’s a client app (perl or python, which is being rewritten presently) and browser plug-ins for Firefox and Chrome to make running queries simple. If you have access to a CIF server, it’s very easy to incorporate CIF queries into Splunk’s event and field menus. For Security Onion app users, this feature is coming, but you’ll need to edit the workflow to configure your CIF server and api key. Once configured you’ll see the item added to the event menu:

and/or the field menu:

The search results will open in a new window, and if there were any matches you’ll see something like this:

To add a workflow menu item in Splunk, go to Manager > Fields > Workflow actions and reference the screenshot below. If you’re a Security Onion user, you’ll need to enter the IP or hostname of your CIF server and a valid API key.

In the Security Onion app for Splunk the dest_ip and domain fields can be queried via the fields menu. If you prefer to edit/create via terminal:

CIF provides an enormous amount of intelligence for very little time, money or effort on the end users part and it’s future is looking very bright due to it’s flexibility in parsing content and the ease of interacting with data from other applications like Splunk. Once the python client is released I’ll look at building more correlation with CIF directly into the Security Onion dashboards.


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