Welcome to the Bulls-Eye: Fast Net Service and the Power of Bandwidth

Fastest Net Service in U.S. Coming to Chattanooga. The title says it all. I have to give mad props to EPB for finally getting this rolling, despite Comcast’s (may you rest in peace) attempts to derail it at every turn. Competition is a bitch and Comcast just got slapped in our fine city. The result will prove a pleasant example of why this is better for the city and a utility company than a desperate cable company.

The business allure the fastest bandwidth in the U.S. will draw is obvious, but I feel like I need to warn the recipients of such powerful speeds. As far behind as the rest of the nation is in terms of competing with the speeds, you will highly likely become targets of cyber attack.

The power of bandwidth in cyberspace is immeasurable. Denial of service attacks with fractions of the number of participating bots needed today could unleash enormous damage. Spambots will also do well with high capacity. The bot rental business might even give us our own nickname!

I wonder how long it would take for the Chinese to steal 10 terabytes of data from a US gov’t or corporation with gigabit speeds?

So call me the lunatic on the corner wearing the sandwich board spouting nonsense or call me paranoid. Heed the warning and take caution in your Internet activities and care of your computing environment. It won’t hurt you if I’m wrong.

But if I’m right, it could save you the shame and embarrassment of a visit from the FBI.

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