Hard disk encryption not so secure?

Well, well, well. It will be interesting to see whether businesses will be backing away from desktop encryption. While the hard work of the folks at Princeton University showed nothing is impenetrable, disk based encryption methods can still provide a level of security that surpasses unencrypted filesystems. There is no silver bullet nor is there a single solution that will solve security problems. The only approach is one that involves layered technologies.

2 thoughts on “Hard disk encryption not so secure?

  1. It is a good study, but I think there are simple solutions for this.

    Put some sort of hard case or shell to prevent malicious access to the RAM. Even an aluminum case will do.

    I showed this to the IT manager where I work, and he pretty much said meeehh. Mind you we have several laptops out there with personal information of clients.

    Comes to show, that people wont care about these things until something serious, happens or they are out of business all together.

  2. I would concur. While it is a “risk,” I’ll take encryption over nothing. It’s an extra layer of defense at the least, and I’d wager most devices that are physically “lost” aren’t going to be cracked using this methodology. If you’re targeted for attack, then this is a serious weakness, but less serious than if you have no encryption at all.

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